Description of specifications and prices

This page gives you an overview of our performance guarantees. On the left side you will find the individual price information on the Flirtline, the personnel contracts and the advertising prices.
  1. Forever my offers free and paid services to customers. The offered free services essentially serve to get personal contacts. The customer receives access to the databases created by us, which contain public profiles and information about other users of the portal.

  2.  All customers can register for free in the free membership, perform a personality test free of charge, create their own public profile for free or update it continuously and receive individual partner suggestions free of charge, insofar as this is possible through the profile analysis. The personality test must be completed truthfully by all members, but nobody can access this data publicly (see Privicay policy - specially 6 Registration and 7 Member account). The portal system can access the evaluation data for the purpose of partner suggestions. To test the validity and reliability of the testing procedures used by Forever my, trained personnel can access individual items or item groups for static analysis purposes anonymously.

  3. Customers have the option to sign up for paid services via the Internet portal ("Premium Membership"). Premium members can make full use of the services ordered after payment has been made to Forever my The customer will be informed about the respective paid service and the terms of payment before concluding a paid membership. A fee-based contractual relationship via the Internet portal only arises when the customer 
    - confirmed with a mouse click a paid membership and the associated payment obligations and
    - the paid membership is confirmed by verification link to the specified email address.

  4. Not Internet users have the opportunity to make the fee-based staff membership via written contract with us. The scope of the service catalog and the price are negotiated by the contracting parties according to the customer's request and fulfillment by Forever my individually.

  5. We are entitled to commission third parties and vicarious agents with the provision of parts or the entire range of services. This should not cause the customer any disadvantages.

  6. Our company can not guarantee success for the contact brokerage requested by the customer. Forever my s therefore not responsible if no contact is made during the contract period. This does not apply if a "contact guarantee" has been agreed as part of certain premium memberships or within contract declarations. A contact is any message written or received by a user or a message sent by Forever my through "cupid". For the correctness and completeness of the personal customer and / or member data we can take over no responsibility or guarantee. Forever my will block customers who provide incorrect information, unless they correct their information immediately.

  7. Forever my excludes liability or damages claims of its customers in the event of unacceptable outages of its services, for example due to necessary maintenance, technical malfunction of the Internet or due to force majeure. In order to fully use our service, the customer must use appropriate (browser) technologies or enable their use on his computer (for example, activation of Java script, Adobe Flash player, cookies, etc.). When using particular older or not commonly used technologies, it may be that the customer can use our services for technical reasons only limited. Our websites are optimized for the current Microsoft Internet Explorer. The customer is responsible for the implementation of the technical requirements for receiving our services offered.

Note: Our english translation is understood by us as a service for our international members and visitors. It may contain translation errors. Therefore only our German statements of the corresponding german page are valid and only these are authoritative.