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The dating agency Forever my was founded by Ms Martina Neunzling in May 2011. Many dating services or offers from various flirtlines are based on a free module with the intention of leading your subscribers to paid subscriptions. We want to deviate from this path and take alternative routes. With us there are no advertising calls and no subscription traps!

Certainly, many people want a partner for life. As we all know, this wish is not easy to implement! Despite many Internet offers for existing dating portals, the "project: Find the right partner for life!" is time-consuming and associated with some frustrations: You negotiate a date, you meet with the selected and immediately realize that the "opposite" may be a friendly person but does not meet my expectations.

In this way you can make many - even nice - acquaintances. But what about your actual destination?

In this situation, many sufferers resort to paid offers. The routines for partner's search are more effective and promising. At worst your wishes may be limited by the budget available.

The idea of Forever my is simple. Even in the free versions you should be effectively supported in the choice of mates. Of central importance is our personality test, which aims to limit your dates to those that are compatible with your personality. Namely the choice of partners is basically not a question of quantity, but of quality.

The  flirtline Forever my is to be financed essentially by sponsors and advertisement. In addition, the  Flirtline Forever my offer affordable premium services on the Internet. The premium services should cover or ensure the costs for the development and operation of the internet portal.

Opposite stands the Forever my Partnervermittlung, which operates the thing commercially.

We are looking forward to seeing what the future of the Flirtline Forever my brings. Of course, we hope for a thriving internet community that supports us in our quest to create a cost-effective flirtline.

Your criticism and cooperation is expressly desired.

Martina Neunzling

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