Prices of the flirtline

The flirtline of Forever my is completely free in the basic version.

In the basic version, we offer members the following free services:Rose

  1. They can register the public name (pseudonym), the personal and address data, identity card number and your email address. The date of the registration and your public Internet IP address (WAN-IP) will also be recorded. Your personal data will be treated confidentially and will only be used for processing orders placed with us. These data are also issued at the request of investigative authorities.
  2. Creating a profile in which you describe yourself in given categories with public optional image. Only your pseudonym, age, gender and optional image will be visible to all members.
  3. Partner search based on the profile data created by the members themselves.
  4. First acquisition of your personality with the help of a personality test. The test procedure only supports you in your partner search. Forever my will never publish, assess or comment on your collected data and evaluations. 
  5. Participation proposals prepared by the system, as far as they fit your personality and therefore a suggestion becomes possible. The number of partnership proposals is limited to one per month and requires that you complete the personality test in full.

The premium version includes the features of the basic version. The number of partnership proposals for compatibility is not limited and will optionally be selectable in a ranking order, as far as possible and reasonable. You can also set up a permanent standardized profile of personality characteristics to make your partner search more efficient. Premium services cost € 2.00 per month and are payable in advance for 3 months. The premium services automatically renew for 3 months if you use our services regularly and confirm the extension by email.

The cost for a contact advertisement on Forever my is 35,00 € for 3 months. Advertisements may also be posted by non-members. For active logged in members of the flirtline these ads are free of charge.

Forever my is entitled to extend or limit the free services at any time. To ensure the quality of the personality test, Forever my is entitled to ask the members about the efficiency of the proposed partners. The survey is voluntary and not mandatory for all participants. However, we ask you to help us in our efforts to improve the quality of the partner proposals. We are grateful for general suggestions. Please use the email address psychologe [at] or this contact form.

Note: Our english translation is understood by us as a service for our international members and visitors. It may contain translation errors. Therefore only our German statements of the corresponding german page are valid and only these are authoritative.