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The costs for an advertisement on Forever my are 35,00 € for 3 months. Advertisements may also be posted by non-members. But for all active logged in members of the flirtline and for all others for now the contact ads are free of charge!

It is up to Forever my, to determine the nature, extent, timing and placement of the publication. Forever my may, at its sole discretion, determine whether a client is included in an advertisement and how it is designed.Eurosymbol

Advertisements can be commissioned with or without a photo. The photo should be sent as a JPEG file in the format 70x105, maximum 700x1050 pixels. Larger formats lead to longer loading times. Different formats are automatically adjusted in width.

Processing the answers to a personal ad is free. In the case of basic and premium contracts of the Flirtline as well as memberless clients, the contact with readers of the contact list is done exclusively by electronic data processing and the contact request is only sent by email with the voluntary information of the reader to the client.

The conditions for processing personal ads in personnel contracts are fulfilled by the separate terms and conditions of this contract.

The reader of the ad does not incur any costs nor will his or her personality data be recorded by our system. There is no right of the contact seekers that a contact advertiser answers them. Forever my will not answer any related questions.

Please use our special contact ad form to place your own contact ad.

Aktionsangebot! Kostenlose Anzeige für 3 Monate

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