Frequently Questions and Answers

Do your websites use Javascript?
- Yes, the JavaScript settings on your browser must be active in order to work effectively with our websites.
Which browsers are supported by your websites?
- We support all kind of modern css compatible browsers. However our chat modul needs Internet Explorer version 7 or higher or Mozilla firefox version 5 or higher. But you can simple test your Browser's functionality with this modul, too.
What is the best resolution for you websites?
- There is no best resolution for our websites! Our websites adjust to the capatibilities of your monitor automatically. But we recommend a resolution of at least 1024 x 768 pixel.

How can I use your chat modul?
The chat modul offers three chat rooms: Public, Flirtline and a room with your nickname in brackets. The flirtline room is for members only. the public for all users. The last room type is your individual room. You can invite people to every room. Just have a look of listed users and invite any of the listed one to the room you are at the moment. Click on to the user you want to invite and choose "Invite". Now you can talk to the invited people in this room only. To have a private talk to only one member, best you invite this member in your individual room. Don't forget to "Uninvite" the member! Otherwise the member can re-enter your room at any time. You can also send a private message to a listed member from any room. Your message will "whisper" only to that one you selected! If you do not want to have contact with a certain user, you can ban this member with the same member selection procedures by pressing "Ignore/Accept" button.. Chat users with round brackets around their names indicate, that they are not a member of our flirtline.

Why do you offer Premium services and contact ads with no costs in 2012?
- One reason is, that we are actual in developing this website. A second reason is due to the fact, that most of our websites are in German language only, e.g. our Terms of Use and the General Terms and Conditions. At least the most important reason is our intension, to offer costless services as much we can do.

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